Proclaiming the Simple Truth of the Gospel through music - Jesus Loves, Died, and LIVES for YOU and ME!
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 Simple Truth 
Listen to "Simple Truth"  c1997 Simple Truth

Listen to "Child of the Manger"

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Christmas Album - "Child of the Manger" Released! 
Not just for Christmas (really!)
Many songs take us from the Manger to the Cross & Resurrection celebration
US orders by mail - send $14/CD (includes S&H), check or money order to:

Simple Truth, PO Box 57, Hartland, ME 04943
Listen to the title cut - "Child of the Manger"

Simple Truth is: 
Jodi - song writer, singer, guitarist
Deb - harmony
Pam - piano & harmony She plays & sings on our Christmas CD
Deb, Pam & Jodi - April in Maine!
(taken just after our Chrismas CD recording session and the "big snow")
To listen to clips & purchase:
Simple Truth: The Truth
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